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Why do we need WITH?

Women in Travel and Hospitality is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at addressing gender imbalance in those industries. There are no charges or subscriptions for members - we believe that networking and career development skills should be free for everyone, and only when we remove barriers to entry can we work together to make a lasting change.


Our mission

Travel is an industry that makes up one in 11 jobs worldwide, and 9% of the global GDP. Estimates suggest that 60-70% of the people who work in travel are female, however, the higher you look up the ladder, the less women you find - it’s believed that only 5-8% of board members in travel companies are female. By connecting those women who are at the top with women who have the talent to one day get there, we believe we can work toward a more gender-balanced industry.


Who will benefit?

Having more women in senior leadership positions in the travel sector doesn’t just make good social sense - it makes good business sense. Studies show that companies with diverse leadership teams typically perform better financially, and lead the way in creativity and innovation. As travel purchasing decisions are predominantly made by females, we believe getting more women to the top will help our entire industry.


Our vision

To create a truly representative travel industry, across all levels of business and leadership, where men and women are equal.


What is WITH?

To address gender imbalance in the travel industry by providing access to industry data, networking opportunities, and a support structure of strong women who lean in and look out for others.

Take the survey

For an industry that accounts for so much female employment worldwide, there is relatively little up-to-date research on gender equality in the travel sector.  That’s why we encourage companies in the industry to complete this survey, so that we can all get a better insight into where we are going, how much work we still have to do, and how we can best tackle the issues.  


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