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Looking for someone you can ask questions to, or get regular advice from?

Your regular calls might be specific to your role or a particular issue you’re facing at work, or it might be more general, such as which steps and goals to take to develop your career.  

Having a mentor who has been there before you and knows how the industry works can make a world of difference.  All we ask is that you help to pay it forward by becoming a mentor to someone else once you've reached that next stage in your career.  

To help us match you with the most suitable mentor, please fill in the form below. As we want to find someone for you who fits your goals and career aims, we hope you understand that there may not be a suitable mentor available for you right away. Of course though, we’ll keep an eye out for you, and let you know you as soon as some as someone suitable becomes available. Please fill out the questions below as honestly as possible so we can find you the best possible match.