Why mentoring?

Studies show that women don’t form mentoring relationships as organically as men do, however, the benefits of mentoring are immeasurable, not only for the person being mentored, but also the person doing the mentoring. Increased confidence, skill development and just having someone to advocate for you can help a woman to take that all-important next step in her travel and hospitality career.


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Become a mentor

What does it involve?

That’s up to you and the other half of your mentoring relationship! We find that no more than an hour a week, and no less than an hour a month is about right, as long as both sides come to the meeting prepared with a good agenda (either virtually or face-to-face).

If you’re both open from the outset about what you each want to achieve from the relationship, commit to doing what you say you’ll do at the end of each meeting, and are constantly transparent about how you feel the relationship is developing, you can help to change the world, one woman at a time, in no time at all!