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We all want to see more female speakers…

…and we sympathise with event organisers who tell us they struggle to find women who are willing to take the stage. To make their lives easier, we’ve put together this list of women from around the world who would be happy to speak at industry events! To add your name and profile to the list, email us here, including your company, job role, where you’re based, what you feel comfortable talking about and a portrait picture, and we’ll add you to this page!

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Stephanie Taylor-Carrillo


Chief Partnerships/ Comms Officer

Berlin, Germany

Preferred topics

  • Tours and activities

  • Over-tourism

  • Gender equality

  • Community involvement

Michelle Hirschfeld.png

Michelle Hirschfeld

National Sales Director


Massachusetts, USA

Preferred topics

Kim Whitaker.jpg

Kim Whitaker

Once Hostels

Co-founder and CEO

Capetown, South Africa

Preferred topics

  • Staff engagement

  • Destination Africa

  • CSR

  • Hostel development

Ann Dolan.jpg

Anne Dolan

Clink Hostels


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Preferred topics

  • Hotels, hostels, hostels

  • Family businesses

  • Industry development

  • Company culture

Kate Cowan.jpg

Kate Cowan

Óige - Irish Youth Hostel Association

Operations Manager

Dublin, Ireland

Preferred topics

  • Social impact and responsibility

  • Not-for-profits/charity partnerships

  • Cultural and heritage tourism

  • Volunteer travel